So what is reconciling and why is so important?

It’s when you compare your bank statement with what you have entered in QuickBooks. Whether you use a bank feed or not you need to reconcile. It’s the only way to keep from making mistakes. If you have old transactions, this is a chance to look them over, verify dates and dollar amounts, clean them up and make sure you have entered every transaction properly.



0:00 – Intro

1:14 – Why reconciling is important?

2:10 – Which accounts you need to be reconciling?

2:30 – Why Loans are important to be reconciled every quarter/year

3:08 – Do I need to reconcile?

3:59 – Bank Feed and Reconciliation (Online version)

5:21 – Best way to do Reconciliation

7:23 – Reconciling outside QuickBooks

8:55 – Reconcile (Desktop version)

10:13 – Need help with QuickBooks?

11:48 – Reconcile every month

12:52 – If you haven’t reconciled before…

14:33 – Most important part of Reconciling 💡

16:12 – Entering Bank Fees

17:18 – Final Thoughts

If you need to learn how to reconcile, here is a link to a video I created that will show you how:

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I’d love to hear if this inspired an “aha moment” and if you are ready to reconcile.