Making sure you enter your cash receipts in properly is very important because as business owners and bookkeepers, we want to make sure we don’t miss any write off… right?!?

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you a few ways to enter your petty cash/cash draw transactions including how to add deposits and enter your expenses.

I’ll also cover how to enter expenses the owner gives you whether they/you want to add them as owner contributions or if they want to be reimbursed through a check.

Are you ready to jump in… don’t forget to grab a pen and paper to take notes 📝.

Let me walk you through it step-by-step so that you’re confident entering cash expenses in QuickBooks.

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Setup a petty Cash Account

  • Go up to List
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Go down to Account
  • Click New
  • Choose Bank
  • Click Continue
  • Enter Details –  Account Name
  • Click Save & Close
  • Choose No


Adding Cash in Petty Cash Account

2 ways to add cash

  • Double click on the Petty Cash Account you’ve created
  1. Add straight from Deposit (Entering Sales)
  • Deposit To
  • Cash goes back to
  • Cashback amount
  • Check subtotal amount
  • Check Deposit Total Amount
  • Click Save and Close

    2. Write Check

  • Add Details
    • Bank Account 
    • No
    • Date
    • Pay to Order of
    • $ Amount
    • Add Petty Cash Details under Expenses Tab
    • Click Save & Close

**You can add Expenses straight in the Check Register or Write a check

If you expense your own money and wanted to put into your business

  • Go up to Company
  • Make General Journal Entries 
  • Enter Date
  • Choose Expense Account > Debit Amount
  • Owner Contribution Account > Credit Amount
  • Memo (Optional)
  • Name (For Vendors)
  • Click Save & Close

Owner wants their check back

  • Go up to Banking
  • Write Checks
  • Add details
    • Bank Account
    • No.
    • Date
    • $ Amount
    • pay to Order of
    • Enter Account under Expenses Tab
    • Amount
    • Click Save & Close


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