Are you behind on your data entry or just want a little help completing it quicker?

“Automatically Recall” is a feature I think everyone using QuickBooks will benefit from.

It saves a ton of time if you’re behind and trying to catch up on a month or two of transactions…

Yes, I get behind too 😉 (this week I’m playing a little catch up prepping for my check-in for Tax Planning)

I use this feature to allow me to fly through my data entry…

**I still verify where everything is going as far as choosing my expense/account.

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Steps to Use Automatic Recall Feature:

  • Go up to the “wheel icon”
  • Under “Your Company,” go to “Accounts and settings”
  • Choose “Advanced” on the left
  • Look under “Automation” and click the “pencil” to edit
  • Make sure “Pre-fill forms with previously entered content” is turned on


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