Here’s the replay for our Q’s with Candus Episode 3.

We had lots of great questions! You will find the outline below.👇 

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0:00 Intro and Thought of the Day

5:00 – How do I start a “new” bank account within QuickBooks? 

8:10 – My payroll state tax rate table does not let me change my tax rate percentage. It has no tax rate, any suggestions? 

10:10 – I have a client who is a construction contractor. They carry a balance with some vendors. Like big hardware outlets for instance. How do I handle that in QuickBooks? As it sits now, it just shows a lot of unpaid bills and I have random payments to make that don’t match the amounts on the bills.

19:45 – When I send out invoices through email it shows the date I sent it out as the date it is due. How do I change this?

21:15 – How do I use income in quick books?

23:30 – Can you move the placement of the payment status stamp? Mine is in a location where it is being cut off when I print paid invoices. I believe its overlapping another text field? This text field does not appear on the layout design page to be able to move it??

26:00 – Can you print all your checks at the same time? In other words, can I print any checks that have been paid that are showing in the register?

31:00 – We have a handful of customers that paid cash that are ready to be deposited. The cash has been spent, however. What should I do with those?

35:00- How do I  delete a deposit? I gave a customer credit in my books and need to revert that amount and have not been able to do so.

39:00 – Is there a way QuickBooks helps you to prevent paying a bill twice? 

43:15 – Info about Candus’ live trainings coming up in September and how to receive her QuickBooks tips in our inbox

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