Every day I receive tons of Questions through YouTube, Facebook, and email.

I’ve been thinking about how my entire community could benefit from the answers instead of just responding to one person…

I’ve decided to add a live call each month to answer a few questions. I have a large list that my team is sorting through to pick the questions we think will help the most people.

Join me for episode 2 below.

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Intro 0:005:30

5:31 Q1- If a credit card payment was made from the owner’s personal bank account, how would I post this transaction or what bank acct would I use?

10:19 Q2- How do I enter a payment for my credit card into QuickBooks and have it reflect correctly on both my business checking account and my credit card account balance?

13:41 Q3– In trying to enter credit card info for the first time I get: “You must assign an account for this transaction.” Please help me fix this.

15:19 Q4 – I accidentally hit “Enter a bill for payment later” instead of Cancel after reconciling and now I see the bill in AP. Since I have successfully reconciled the credit card account, is it safe to just void the bill?

17:10 Q5- How do I void bills that were paid with the credit card by mistake instead of a checking account?

22:52 Q6- In QB, do I have to enter my password every time when sending invoices? Can I save my password somewhere?

24:08 Q7- Is there any way to show on the printed invoice itself a list of the credit memos that were applied to the invoice?

26:28 Q8 – How to get rid of a credit accidentally applied to a customer

27:30 Q9- First, is there a method for defaulting a class by user? Second, I noticed classes can have sub-classes. Have you ever had an implementation where this was useful?

30:46 Q10- How many classes can you have in QB?

35:25 Q11- How do you enter a beginning balance for a company that hasn’t reconciled in years.

36:54 – Confidence with QuickBooks Mastermind information

40:35 – Final Thoughts


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