Every day I receive tons of Questions through YouTube, Facebook, and email.

I’ve been thinking about how my entire community could benefit from the answers instead of just responding to one person…

I’ve decided to add a live call each month to answer a few questions. I have a large list that my team is sorting through to pick the questions we think will help the most people.

Join me for the first episode below.


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Intro 0:004:05

4:13 Q1: Hi Candus. I just had to close my bank account and open a new one with the same bank. When I download the bank feed it combines it all into one register. I am trying to do a bank reconciliation and am not able to. Can you help me?

7:27 Q2: When I attempt to reconcile my bank account my starting balance doesn’t show up. Any suggestions?

8:45 Q3: Thanks so much for all your “Quick tips”, they are much appreciated. Quick question for you… I work for a small non-profit and recently we decided to move our money market balance to a different company to earn a better interest rate. So our bank transferred the money market balance into our checking account. I recorded that in quickbooks (desktop) as a transfer (money mkt acct to checking acct) From there, I wrote a check to the new financial institution and they have now deposited the funds into our new account. How do I show this new deposit in QuickBooks? I’ve tried “make a deposit” from the banking menu, but it keeps asking for an account that the money is coming from. What do I put? I want to put the money into the Money Market account, but it’s not really coming from an acct now since I’ve written a check to them. Help…what am I doing wrong?

11:43 Q4: PLEASE HELP!!!!! I enter credit card charges exactly how you say to but when I run an unpaid bills by job report the credit card charge shows as unpaid. How do I clear it so it shows as paid?

14:37 Q5: How or where do I enter a late fee for my credit card if I paid it late?

18:00 Q6: I entered a cc payment I received from a client but the deposit from the processing company is smaller due to cc fees. Now when I reconcile my bank statement there is a difference that equals the amount of the cc fee. What is the proper way to record the cc fees so my bank reconciliation balances?

24:09 Q7: My boss just asked me to enter the credit card charges from Jan 2018 to date. My problem is how will I go back and pay it since according to our bank statement it was already paid as a lump sum? See, what I do is just enter the itemized bank statement then reconcile it, just simple as that. Now the business is taking a lot of expenses he wants to track the credit card expenses. Thank you.

26:17 Q8: This is an informative video. However, I have a question. Do I have to make a bill if I can download credit card info online? If I have already made the payment online, do I put the date payment made and then I will be able to just reconcile that payment that was already made with an amount on my bank statement?

29:19 Q9: If you pay a payroll liability online through the government how do you get it into quick books without writing a check? Quick books does not accept Wisconsin unemployment EFT


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