If you have been using QuickBooks for a period of time, you have probably made some mistakes. Or maybe you aren’t aware of the ones that are causing your books to be out of balance. 

Are you afraid to make entries because you are worried about inputting them incorrectly?

It’s not that you need a program that takes you back to the beginning to learn the basics, you already know that. You just need help once in a while and want to improve your skills.

That’s why I created QuickBooks Simplified. This is a monthly community that votes on the topic they most want to learn and then I create a training for that.

I then give you time to review the training and then host a live Q & A so you can ask a question if you didn’t fully understand it.

I just started this program in July and so far the feedback has been amazing! 

Click on the video below to hear more from me about QuickBooks Simplified.

Join QB Simplified today click here https://canduskampfer.com/qbsimplified

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