I’ve been receiving many emails asking about the upcoming changes to QuickBooks Desktop, so I created a video about PSA: QuickBooks Pro Deadline to give you some clarity on how this may affect you and what you need to know before the deadline.

Here’s our email if you want to upgrade: [email protected]

Timestamps: (PSA: QuickBooks Pro Deadline)

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Is QuickBooks Desktop going away?
1:02 – QuickBooks Pro Plus 2020
1:32 – QuickBooks Desktop: Cost & Pricing
2:56 – Last day to Purchase QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021
3:40 – If you love QuickBooks Desktop
3:52 – QuickBooks is a Tool
4:26 – Want to Upgrade QuickBooks?
4:43 – Do you want to Customize your QuickBooks Report?
5:09 – QuickBooks Tips & Tricks
5:21 – Candus Kampfer Final Thoughts


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In the comments let me know if you’re upgrading, going with Plus, switching to QB Online or sticking with the version you have? 👇🏻