It’s common after seeing your tax professional to find out you have mistakes.

This not only impacts your peace of mind but also your taxes (no one wants to overpay on taxes). 

Do you know if you currently have any of these errors or mistakes in QuickBooks:

Bills that show you owe money even though they are paid?

Invoices that show a balance, that you know your customer doesn’t actually owe?

Checks or charges that still show uncleared when you reconcile, from months or even years ago?

Credit card payments or charges that never happened or haven’t cleared?

These types of errors are very common, and they impact two reports, your Profit & Loss and your Balance Sheet. Those are the two reports your tax professional uses to file your taxes.

That’s why we want to find and fix these types of mistakes as soon as possible. With Spring in the air, now’s the perfect time to do “Spring Cleaning” on your QuickBooks and that’s what this video is all about.

If you’d like additional support and strategies on how to find and start cleaning up your mistakes, join me for a special training I’m hosting called ‘3 Keys to Cleaning up QuickBooks’. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t even know if I have mistakes, what do I look for?”

Then this workshop is perfect for you. I’m going to talk about how to find your mistakes in QuickBooks, (some of the best reports to pull to find them) and what’s causing them to happen so you can avoid making them in the future. 

If you’ve tried using journal entries and still had issues afterward, you’ll learn why for certain transactions that’s not the best strategy.

This will be a live class with me and I’ll be doing Q&A at the end.

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I’m excited to share this with you. It will be a lot of fun!

Let me know in the comments what you’re most excited to learn.


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