Are you thinking about upgrading QuickBooks to a newer version as a Desktop user?

Did you know that Intuit has a few options: Pro and Pro Plus?

Curious what the differences are and what’s best for you?

I created this video to help you decide. 


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Discontinuation Program Details:

Benefits of QuickBooks Plus: Unlimited Customer Support, Mobile Receipt Management, Automated Data Backup, Access the Lastest Version. 


0:00 – Intro

0:45 – QuickBooks Desktop Pro (Discontinuation Program)

1:20 – Time to upgrade QuickBooks? (QuickBooks discontinuation policy)

2:18 – QuickBooks Pro Plus in 2020

3:12 – QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus Cost & Pricing

5:48 – QuickBooks is a Tool

7:29 – Business QuickBooks Software tip

8:14 – Need to upgrade QuickBooks… Which one is right for you?

8:37 – QuickBooks Workshop (Confidence with QuickBooks)

9:04 – Final Thoughts

9:57 – QuickBooks Weekly Tips & Tricks

10:05 –


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