Do you want to know how to track corporate credit card in QuickBooks Online?

Because you have a business or corporate credit card with multiple users on one account?

Here’s a how-to video tutorial to learn the best way on how to track corporate credit card. I’ll help you decide what you need depending on if you use bank feeds and how your bank downloads transactions

Tips: Enter your credit card charges, payments at the subaccount level.

Reconcile the “main” credit card account to make sure everything matches.

If you are a Desktop User here is a tutorial for you!


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – How to set up a Chart of Accounts
3:07 – Viewing Register (Credit Card)
5:15 – How to Remove Sub Accounts
5:51 – How to Enter Credit card payments
9:19 – How to Reconcile Credit Card
11:31 – Recap
12:08 – Final Thoughts

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I’d love to hear if this inspired an “aha moments” and if you are ready to track your credit cards.