Are you adding a bank account in QuickBooks or are you wanting to learn how to change the opening balance?

Then you are in the right place 😉

Make sure to grab your bank statement to figure out what your beginning balance amount will be. If you aren’t sure which one to grab make sure to watch the video for guidelines for a new account, mid-year or older accounts you are just adding to QuickBooks.

It all comes down to where you want to start for your taxes. 🤓

If you’re a Desktop user we have two additional videos for you:

Learn how to set up a bank account:

How to adjust your opening balance:

Steps to setting up a Bank Account and entering the Opening Balance:

Go to “Banking”

Go to “Link Account”


Add it Straight to your Chart of Accounts

Go to “Accounting”

“Chart of Accounts”

Decide if you need a Mid-month or Mid-year Statement

Go up to “New”

Choose “Banks”

“Save account under” (Bank Account)

“Tax Form Section”

“Account Name” **Recommended: To add last 4 digits of account


You can ignore the “New Account Preview” or click “Starting date and opening balance”

then choose “More info on Opening Balances”


  • “Beginning of the Year”
  • “Beginning of this Month”
  • “Today”
  • “Other Date”

“Enter details required” like “Start date”, “Account balance at the end of the day” and “Account Balance”



  1. If you have no idea where the Account balance came from Opening Balance is the right choice.
  2. If the Account Balance came from you or Client who put the money in, do it as a Equity.
  3. If the Account Balance came from another Bank Account (Do this in a different screen)


Chart of Accounts:

When you’re in the Chart of Accounts, click View register to check the transaction details.



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