Do you know if you have any Vendor Center mistakes or errors in QuickBooks? 🤔

In this video, I will walk you through the areas to check and what to look for.

Let’s review and see if you have any errors in your Vendor Center…

Did you pull your Unpaid Bills Report that I shared in the video?


 What is a Vendor?

  • The people and places you spend money.


Checking for Vendor Center Mistake

  • Go to your Vendor Center
  • Go up and choose “Vendors with Open Balances”


Unpaid Bills Detail Report

  • Go up to “Reports”
  • “Vendors & Payables”
  • “Unpaid Bills Detail”


What to check in the Unpaid Bills Detail Report?

  • Check details – Are these true?
  • Old Invoices
  • Small amounts that are left
  • Credits that need to be applied
  • Check if you have any Credits where it says “Bill Payments” but there is no Bill to match it to (Just sitting in the report)


Vendor Balance Detail Report

  • Go up to “Reports”
  • “Vendors & Payables”
  • “Vendor Balance Detail”



  • Go to “Expenses”
  • “Vendors”
  • You can click on “Overdue” or “Open Bills”


Unpaid Bills Detail Report

  • Go to “Reports”
  • Under “What you owe” section
  • Select “Unpaid Bills”
  • Check Report


Accounts Receivable

  • Customers that owe you


Accounts Payable

  • Vendors that you owe


Bill is a 2-step process:

  1. Enter Bills
  2. Pay Bills


Do you have any errors you need support in fixing?

Each month I host a live training with my QuickBooks Simplified community where we clean up an area of QuickBooks.

We are getting ready to cover how to clean up and fix mistakes in the Vendor Center.

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0:00 – Intro

0:24 – What is Vendor?

1:17 – Vendors (QuickBooks Desktop)

2:06 – QuickBooks Vendor Center mistake

3:51 – Vendors (QuickBooks Online)

5:25 – Enter/Pay Bills (QuickBooks Online)

6:15 – Enter/Pay Bills (QuickBooks Desktop)

7:10 – Benefit of using Enter Bills

7:58 – Checking Reports (QuickBooks Desktop)

8:10 – Unpaid Bill Detail

10:08 – Vendor Balance Detail

10:47 – Checking Reports (QuickBooks Online)

11:24 – Unpaid Bills Report

12:34 – QuickBooks Simplified (special training topics)

14:05 – Credit Cards

15:02 – Not recommended

15:40 – Balance detail

16:29 – How to apply open credits?

17:22 – Final Thoughts


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I’d love to hear if this inspired any “aha moments” and if you are ready to check your Vendor balances. 👇