Have you scheduled your appointment with your tax professional for tax planning?

The number one mistake I see business owners making when it comes to overpaying on taxes is waiting until they file taxes to see how much they owe.

Here are some tips to prepare for your appointment:

1️⃣ Reconcile all Bank Accounts and Credit Cards to verify you have accurate data.

2️⃣ Pull your Profit and Loss to see what your profitability is for the year and compare it to last year.

3️⃣ Call your tax professional to review your strategies and make sure you have taken every tax deduction and incentive possible.

Have you already reviewed your numbers for the year or is it on your to-do list 📝?

This doesn’t need to be scary it’s just part of running a business, you got this 🤗


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In the comments let me know if you’ve already talked with your tax professional or if this is a new idea and you’re excited to plan ahead of time this year.👇🏻