Once you deleted or voided a transaction it can feel like it’s totally lost. 

This little trick with the “Audit Log” will help you find all the transactions you’ve deleted and voided inside QuickBooks Online.

Desktop users – here’s a how-to for you: https://canduskampfer.com/how-to-use-the-audit-trail

Steps to Find Deleted/Voided Transactions

  • Go up to the gear icon
  • Under “Tools”
  • Click “Audit Log”
  • Go to “Filter”
    • You can sort by “User”
    • “Date”
    • Checkmark “Transactions”
    • Show: Deleted/Voided Transactions
    • Click “Apply”
  • Any voided transactions will show
  • Click “View” to view a certain transaction
  • Choose “Show all” to view all history transactions


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