Are you currently using filters to customize your QuickBooks reports?

Knowing how to use them will help you generate reports that give you very specific data. 🤓

For example, if you’re using job costing, and are tired of looking through pages of old jobs, you’ll be able to generate a much simpler report with the details for only the one you need.

If you use classes and only want to show one of them on your report, it’s possible to do this by using filters. 🤗

These are just a few examples of why you’d want to customize your reports. I will be teaching the benefits of filters and hosting a Q&A to help you design QB reports you love

Are you ready to take your QB knowledge to the next level?

Join me and my QuickBooks Simplified community this month to learn how to use filters to customize your reports.

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“My biggest victory since joining is I can now navigate and find things faster. With my confidence, I have been able to grow my business. I can now find and fix my mistakes without having anxiety over my head.” ~Leah N

“My current CPA offers bookkeeping services at around $400/mo, the value of QBS for the cost is almost a no-brainer. The live calls are awesome, your positivity and approachability are quite unique in my experience. My experience with QBS, is a confidence booster in and of itself.” ~Dan S

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