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What Our Clients Are Saying

QuickBooks was very overwhelming for me, as I had never used the program before. 

My accountant instructed me that I needed it. 

I tried several attempts at it on my own and was super frustrated. 

It was very scary to think that this information was for tax purposes on my business and needed to be accurate.

After working with Candus I don’t break out in nervous sweats when input my monthly information.”

Casey Rickert

I slept better last night knowing I was back on the right track with quickbooks.  :-]

It was really good for me to work with you.  Thank you so much.

Janis Flodin

Candus is a QuickBooks genius, her knowledge and wisdom of this accounting software is phenomenal!  Her name in my phone is labeled “QuickBooks Angel” just to give you an idea.

After going through YouTube QB Video Tutorials, one after the other, and often times finding 20 different ways to input one type of entry, it was becoming extremely frustrating.  I was unable to find someone who could properly and thoroughly explain how to input and reconcile credit card transactions.  Finally, at my wits end, I discovered through Candus’ video tutorials, a knowledgeable, credible, and easy to follow and comprehend step-by-step process.

In addition to the tutorials, I did need one-to-one additional help and guidance and was incredibly pleased with Candus’ 90 minute Private Consultation.  Candus was so helpful and patient in walking me through my questions through our phone conversations and screen shares.  After her direction and explanation of how to resolve certain QB questions, I feel this huge sense of relief, knowing that my clients’ QB files are being properly input and completed in the most efficient and easy to read manner.

I would highly recommend Candus’ QuickBooks Services to anyone!

Miranda Behner

“I was looking for help with an error I made on QuickBooks and I came across Candus’ website.

I was hesitant to call her because I am a pretty skeptical consumer but I was desperate to find a fix to my mistake so I sent her an email.

She responded quickly and provided me the help I required. She even called me at my home, twice, when I had follow up questions or required clarification (I live in Canada by the way).  I was very surprised with her responsiveness and her genuine care and concern. 

Candus’ experience, knowledge and help was right on! She really helped me out of a tough spot. 

Thank you Candus! I didn’t think people like you were still around. I appreciate your genuine concern and your help!”

Joanne Bosco

“I couldn’t find anyone to fix the mistakes and didn’t know how to fix them myself.

Candus showed me things I didn’t know and I have been using QuickBooks for 13 years.  

She saw the whole picture immediately and understood what needed to be fixed. 

I feel like she supplied me with years of training in 90 minutes.

I’m Very very relieved! And I’ve learned to look at all reports and payroll liabilities to make sure they balance.” 

Barbara Weatheral

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