Let’s review and check to see if you have Customer Center error in QuickBooks.

Did you pull your Open Invoice Report that I shared in the video?

Do you have any errors you need support in fixing?

Each month I host a live training with my QuickBooks Simplified community where we clean up an area of QuickBooks.

We are getting ready to cover how to clean up Customer Center error in QuickBooks.

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Here’s what some of our community members have shared:

“My biggest victory since joining is I can now navigate and find things faster.

With my confidence, I have been able to grow my business.

I can now find and fix my mistakes without having anxiety over my head.” ~Leah N


My current CPA offers bookkeeping services at around $400/mo, the value of QBS for the cost is almost a no-brainer.

The live calls are awesome, your positivity and approachability are quite unique in my experience.

There are people that can explain the technical aspects of the software but they’re really unapproachable, you don’t want to ask questions and appear foolish. That is the opposite of my experience so far with QBS, that’s a confidence booster in and of itself.” ~Dan S


Are you ready to learn how to Clean up your QuickBooks Mistakes?

We’d love to have you join us, visit: http://QuickBooksSimplified.com


0:00 – Intro
1:46 – What to be looking for? (Reports)
3:56 / 9:28 – Open Invoice/Payments (Behind the scenes)
6:20 – Open Invoice/Payments (Online) – Open Invoice
11:35 – Customer with Open Balance
12:27 – Customers with Open Balance (Online)
12:30 / 16:52 – What does it mean if, inside the customer center, it shows that they owe you even though they don’t? (Online)
14:41 – What does it mean if, inside the customer center, it shows that they owe you even though they don’t? (Desktop)
17:55 – QuickBooks Simplified Training
19:52 – Cleaning up QuickBooks 💡 (Summary)
24:02 – Final Thoughts

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I’d love to hear if this inspired an “aha moment” and if you are ready to check and fix your Customer Center errors.