Are you tired of waiting on receipts from your clients and/or team (can we say husbands 🤣)…

It can be frustrating to feel stuck waiting on someone else to get you the details.


Guess what? There IS a way to go ahead and add transactions while still waiting on information. 

You can even reconcile if you need to! Let me show you how…

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0:00 – Intro

0:20 – Setup new “Ask my Client” Account

1:22 – Entering the transaction

1:53 – Finding Transaction (Profit & Loss report)

2:31 – Finding Transaction (COA List)

2:59 – Sample transaction for Job supplies

4:00 – Benefit of “Ask my Client” Account

4:19 – Share your AHA moments below

4:25 – QuickBooks Tips

4:36 – QuickBooks Workshop

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