Here’s the replay for our “How to design a profitable bookkeeping business you love” workshop.

I really loved sharing ideas and strategies with you for growing your business. These are tips that have truly helped me SO much with my business and, let’s be honest, my overall quality of life!

We covered lots of great tips! You will find the outline below.👇 


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0:00 – Intro / Inspirational card
5:15 – Protect your Energy
5:31– Boundaries
7:31 – What can I do differently?
8:12 – Attracting Clients You Love
9:32 – Interview your clients
10:04 – Intentional
14:20 – Niche
16:17 – Don’t need to know every question
17:01 – “You can always come home”
27:12 – Ask your clients…
29:20 – Core Values
37:58 – Your Zone of Genius
39:48 – Ask for Support
42:07 – Why do I believe that?
45:14 – Re-Connect your Heart


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Comment below and let me know what “a-ha” moments you had during this workshop? 

Have a great day!

Candus 🙂