It’s time for… Celebrating 2020 and Getting Ready for 2021!

Let’s celebrate our successes from 2020 and set new goals and intentions for 2021.

I’ll be sharing with you my favorite QuickBooks reports you can use in your company to gain clarity on what’s happening and help you set new goals to shoot for.


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Timestamps for this Workshop: 


0:00 – Intro/Thought of the day

4:40 – Share 3 Wins in 2020

10:56 – Share what you’re disappointed about…

13:00 – Ways to celebrate Wins or lessons

16:27 – How we set goals

20:45 – Goals for 2021

33:33 – Using QuickBooks to set goals and understand business better (Reports)

50:48 – Sales by item summary

55:45 – Final Visualization

1:05:55 – Final Thoughts


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