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Update your UI & ETT Rates California Employer 2019

California Employers: The beginning of every year you will want to make sure you update your State Unemployment Tax (SUTA or UI) and Employment Training Tax (ETT).  QuickBooks normally updates all your rates for you. Unfortunately, EDD assigns each employer a rate....

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QuickBooks Over Accruing Sick Pay Workaround

Have you noticed that once your employee starts using accrued sick pay QuickBooks start accruing again? Unfornately, QuickBooks hasn't fixed the problem but I do have a workaround for you.  I hope you enjoy the training let me know what you think in the comments :)...

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Getting Started with QuickBooks

Are ready to stop feeling lost and losing sleep over QuickBooks? I'm super excited to invite you to my Getting Started workshop 🙂 Here's a video I created for you.  Click here to Register: https://canduskampfer.com/getting-started-workshop-2019/

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Setting up File Folders + Live Q&A

Learn my filing system + live Q&A. If you want to know next time I go live join my tips & tricks.  If you have any questions please “comment” below.  Are you new to QuickBooks or struggling to figure out the software? Would you...

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Tortoise vs Hare

Tortoise vs Hare

I'd love to share a lesson I've learned recently in my life and business. It's better to stay consistent (daily action) then have bursts of energy. I've been burning myself out for years. I push to complete a project then need down time. Do you do the same thing?  The...