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Q’s with Candus Ep 4

Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro/ Thought of the day 3:08 – Customer/Vendor – Bills & Invoices 12:51 – Change Vendor name 16:07 – QB New version upgrade 18:41 - Backup QB file 19:52 – Fix Job to Customer 24:12 – Fix purchases – Check Register 27:05 – Vendor payment report...

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Are you ready to learn QuickBooks?

Maybe you're new to QuickBooks and feel overwhelmed trying to begin... Or, maybe you've been using QuickBooks for a while and still feel unsure using the software... Sound familiar? Whether you're new to QuickBooks or not, this video is for you if you feel like the...

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Don’t Let QuickBooks Hold You Back – Carin’s Story

Do you love bookkeeping? Maybe you want to take on more bookkeeping clients or work more closely with your own company's books... What's keeping you from taking that leap? Do you feel like there are holes in your QuickBooks knowledge that are holding you back? If so,...

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Gaining Confidence with QuickBooks – Sheila’s Story

Have you been using QuickBooks for a while, but still feel confused? Maybe you've even taken a college class or two about QuickBooks, but still don't feel confident using QuickBooks on your own... If so, Sheila's story is for you! Watch Sheila share about how she...

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Moving Beyond the Basics in QuickBooks – Shari’s Story

Do you have the basics of QuickBooks down, but want to know more? Do you ever feel like you're in over your head and not sure how to move forward? If you feel like you're just "surviving" with QuickBooks and want to take your knowledge to the next level, this story is...

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Creating a Bookkeeping Business You Love with Candus Kampfer

Creating a Bookkeeping Business You Love with Candus Kampfer

Here's the replay for our "How to design a profitable bookkeeping business you love" workshop. I really loved sharing ideas and strategies with you for growing your business. These are tips that have truly helped me SO much with my business and, let's be honest, my...