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QuickBooks Tips & Tricks 

Setting up File Folders + Live Q&A

Learn my filing system + live Q&A. If you want to know next time I go live join my tips & tricks.  If you have any questions please “comment” below.  Are you new to QuickBooks or struggling to figure out the software? Would you...

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How to Restore QuickBooks from a Backup

Are you wanting to restore a backup to add QuickBooks to another computer? I want to give you a few tips: *Tip #1 Don't forget once you open the file in a newer version of QuickBooks you cannot reopen it on an older version. Example: If you are using 2016 and then...

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Keep QuickBooks simple and improve your skills

If you have been using QuickBooks for a period of time, you have probably made some mistakes. Or maybe you aren't aware of the ones that are causing your books to be out of balance.  Are you afraid to make entries because you are worried about inputting them...

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Confidence with QuickBooks Mastermind

Do you feel nervous every time you make an entry because you are worried about messing things up? Are you dreading going to see your tax professional because you are afraid of what they will say about your QuickBooks? Last week I had several clients tell me they...

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Salary Sick Pay in QuickBooks

Are you having a hard time getting your salary employees sick or vacation pay to calculate properly? The first step is to set up a "Salary" sick or vacation pay. When paying your employee split the time between salary hours and sick or vacation "hours"...

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Weekly Tips

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks!

Inspirational Insights

Energy Drains and What’s new in my life

Do you feel that the seasons are changing? I'm feeling inspired to get my "energy drains" out of the way to make room for the "new" coming.  Comment and share which energy drain you decided to release. xoxo Candus Get my “Inspirational Insights” by putting your name...

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Mindset Series: Staying Consistent with QuickBooks

Remember to be patient with yourself. It's easy to get busy with the other areas of your business. Then tax time rolls around and you realize you need to catch up. We all do it, I even do it. 🙂 Here are a few tips: 1. Take Notes: Through out the year make little...

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Little Boy w Mirror That Someone Be You

Falling in Love with Yourself Again!

               From My Heart to Yours!

Inspiration & Empowerment:

Tortoise vs Hare

Tortoise vs Hare

I'd love to share a lesson I've learned recently in my life and business. It's better to stay consistent (daily action) then have bursts of energy. I've been burning myself out for years. I push to complete a project then need down time. Do you do the same thing?  The...