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Inspiration & Insights

Energy Drains – Papers Stacking Up

Lately I've noticed a few stacks of papers piling up around my office. Does this happen to you? This week I decided to just take care of them... I feel a burden lifted 🙂 I encourage you to make a list of 1-3 things you would love to take care and do it. You will feel...

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Be Patient with Yourself

When learning something new its easy to be hard on yourself. We are all learning and growing! I've been learning A LOT of new things, to create these video and this website for you. I tend to be hard on myself, and after working with a client recently I was reminded...

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Power of the Feminine…

This is a video I created for the Inspiration and Empowerment book club. Wanted to share with you! I am enjoying a book about the "Power of the Feminine". I'm always finding and working on the balancing my feminine and masculine energies. Are you working on this too?...

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Share with someone “thank you” for great advice.

In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about those who have had a great impact on my life. I was able to say "thank you" to one of them, my first boss. She smiled and said "your welcome". I could tell it really meant a lot to her. Who in your life, do you want to...

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Pick a Book and Start Reading

I love to read inspirational books! I was contemplating this week how you can find a book that is wonderful. Life comes up and you set that book down. Life goes on and in a few days, weeks or even months later you pickup and start reading the book again and it has the...

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Mini Course

Little Boy w Mirror That Someone Be You

Falling in Love with Yourself Again!

               From My Heart to Yours!

Inspiration & Empowerment:

Tortoise vs Hare

Tortoise vs Hare

I'd love to share a lesson I've learned recently in my life and business. It's better to stay consistent (daily action) then have bursts of energy. I've been burning myself out for years. I push to complete a project then need down time. Do you do the same thing?  The...