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Hello and welcome! You found me!  Do you use QuickBooks, yet feel frustrated? Do you feel nervous every time you need to make an entry because you are worried about messing things up? Do you dread going to see your tax professional because you are afraid of what they will say about your QuickBooks? I’m sure you’re busy and only have so much time in your day and bookkeeping may not be your strength. I am Candus Kampfer, the creator of Confidence with QuickBooks.  After teaching QuickBooks for over 12 years, I created a course that will give you step by step how to’s that are easy to understand and don’t take you away from what you love doing.

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Customize QuickBooks with Candus

Prefer a personalized experience? Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a live person to get your Questions answered? Ready to learning a new area of QuickBooks like payroll or giving your system a tune-up before tax time? An advanced strategy session is designed for those questions and issues that involve a bit more depth.

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Confidence with QuickBooks

Do you realize the value of keeping track of your numbers? Are you ready to make tax time easier? Have you tried to use QuickBooks, and feel frustrated? Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a live person to get your Questions answered while you set up and learn QuickBooks? You are in the right place! Whether you are a newbie or advanced user, this course will teach you how to optimize QuickBooks around your specific business, and customize it to your needs. Confidence with QuickBooks is an Online Program, where you can get your questions answered, and start to truly understand and create Confidence with QuickBooks! 

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QuickBooks Simplified Community

Ready to expand your knowledge of QuickBooks? Join a Community of business owners and bookkeepers on a monthly workshop on the topics YOU want. This community includes live monthly Q&A Calls with Candus. 

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Does Confidence with QuickBooks work?

Does Confidence with QuickBooks work?

Are you trying to decide if Confidence with QuickBooks is right for you? Maybe you're new to QuickBooks and feel overwhelmed trying to begin... Or, maybe you've been using QuickBooks for a while and still feel unsure using the software... Sound familiar? Whether...

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Confidence with QuickBooks Mini Course

         Get Started with QuickBooks in less than an Hour